Volunteer Miramichi has a stand alone department dedicated to working with children and adults who need assistance in their day to day lifestyle.

  • Philosophy
    It is our philosophy to advocate for the children we service; for their safety and wellbeing.  We support, protect and enhance the family unit by working to keep the children in their homes and/or assisting with the reunification of families.  We abide by the Family Services Act and work hand in hand with The Department of Social Development
  • Services Offered

    • Role Modeling
    • Cooking
    • Money -Money Management, Banking etc.
    • Self Esteem/Self Concept/Self Worth
    • Anger Management
    • Homework Assistance/computer access
    • Resume building, job searching

    •  Budgeting
    • Community Resources, networking
    • Time Management, routine building
    • Cooking/ Meal Preparation/Grocery Shopping/Couponing
    • Home Management
    • Resume building, job searching
    • Nutrition
    • Parenting (Ages and stages of development , attachment)

    • Working with special needs children by following programs as set out by other professionals i.e. speech therapists, physiotherapists
    • Meeting with professionals to discuss progress of programs, problems
    • Assisting parents of special needs children to follow these programs, providing support to parents in coping with their special needs children
    • Providing outings to Adult Special Needs to provide relief to care givers, stimulation for the adults

    **Group Parenting or Home based Parenting:
    – Nurturing Parenting Program
    • Infants, Toddlers and Pre-schoolers
    • Children aged 5 – 11
    • Adolescents
    – Learning Begins – For parents of children aged 0 – 2. It is all about Brain Development.

For further information about this program and the many services we can provide – please contact us. Information is provided on the CONTACT US page of this website.